Wendy McCready
Strength and Honour

Wendy McCready "Gladiator Girl", a British IFBB Professional Body Builder bringing a blend of size, symmetry & condition to the competitive stage. A sculpture in progress, an amazon unleashed.

Her 7 year professional status has produced a warrior princess ready to do battle in the gym in order to achieve her goals. Nothing is impossible, anything is achievable are words which ring true to Wendy.

Determination delivers a dream come true; known for her relentless work ethic & leaving no stone unturned in her personal quest, Wendy aims to conquer all.

If you would like to train like Wendy then why not get in touch to ask about a personalised training plan. Wendy has acted as a personal trainer for several up and coming body builders.

Why not join me at Lifestyle Fitness Darlington for one to one personal training. You can also purchase personal trainer vouchers for friends and family.

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